Agarwood Tea is an aromatic loose tea cultivated in South-East Asia. It has both spiritual and healing properties that make the sale of the tea an expensive and rare commodity. While its historical uses are grounded in centuries of spiritual practices in both India and Buddhist Asia, its recent popularity amongst holistic gurus is due to the overwhelming healing and anti-aging properties.

Not only is Agarwood Tea renowned for its health benefits, its smooth flavor and
versatility have driven the prices of the beverage through the roof. Delicious both hot
and cold, Agarwood Tea is certainly a must try.

Why Have I never heard of it?

It seems that this tea is lucrative business! We fell in love with this tea while travelling
through Thailand and raved about it to our friends and family back home. We had never
heard of it, but simply thought we were “out of the loop”. It turns out that its availability
in Western cultures is exclusive to the elite and commonly priced well above the weight
of gold. Fortunately, we have met some honest people who are willing to share the best
kept secret tea with the mass market.

Give me the goods!!! What does it do?

-Anti Aging: Visible signs of aging are often attributed to the accumulation of mercury.
Agarwood Tea is a detoxifier that allows your body to dispel the otherwise trapped toxins
in your body.

-Detoxifier: if ingested during consumption of alcohol, this tea reduces the effects of
intoxication. No need for a hangover! Drink Agarwood tea hot or cold, to decrease the
impact of the results of a night of overindulgence.

-Reduces blood pressure
-Reduces blood sugar
-Promotes healthy Digestion
-Reduces Cholesterol
-Improves sleep
-Reduces Anxiety
-Pulmonary Care
-Has no caffeine or sugar
-Promotes a healthy body weight