Agarwood and Weight Loss

Demographics state that two-thirds of the United States is classified under the category of being overweight which is no less than an overweight-epidemic across the general population. The problem with gaining excessive weight is that it makes the human body vulnerable to some of the most terrible diseases.

The National Institute of Health reports that being overweight places you at risk for type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis, and gallbladder disease. (Brown, 2011)

Two fundamental and effective ways of losing weight is to either reduce the amount of calorie intake for instance, diet, or increase the process of burning excessive calories than consumed, for instance, exercising. Some foods/drinks aid in the process of energy expenditure. Agarwood tea is one of the most resourceful beverage that can help in reduction of excessive weight by mobilization of fat inside the body and proliferate our metabolism.

Before discussing the effects of Agarwood tea we need to know some basic terms that are related to weight loss.


Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat is accumulated within the body. This condition can cause long-term health risks. Obesity is measured through a process where a person calculates their Body Mass Index (BMI). A person is said to be obese if their total body weight is 20% higher than their normal weight. BMI can be calculated using BMI-CALCULATOR.


After ingestion, the body breaks down food into energy. The amount of energy(calories) that the body burns in order to maintain weight is known as metabolism. Metabolism is a natural phenomenon that exists in human beings that’s starts from birth and ends after a person dies. A fast metabolism means that body has the capacity to burn more calories and fat in the body hence, resulting in weight loss/management. Unfortunately, since metabolism is a natural procedure, it tends to slow down as a person ages and decrease muscle mass. Eventually, a slow metabolism would reduce the signs of weight loss even though a person takes a low-calorie diet


There are many reasons that account to obesity. One of the most fundamental reason is age. The body’s ability to break down food after ingestion slows down as a person ages. Another reason that leads to obesity is genetics. The chances of a child being obese are more likely if his parents are obese as well. Gender is also a factor that influences obesity. According to researchers, men have higher metabolism (discussed below) than woman. As people become lazy and decrease the amount of physical activity they perform every day, they get obese. Other reasons that cause obesity include psychological factors and medicines.


According to Dr. Michael Goran, of the Institute for Prevention Research at the University of Southern California, the average adult consumes close to 1 million calories each year. A calorie is a unit of energy. If energy, or calorie, intake exceeds energy expenditure by as little as 25 kcal/d, or kilocalories per day, a person becomes obese. In the end, says Goran, obesity is the end result of a mismatch between energy intake and energy expenditure, with a net accumulation of calories stored in the body. Your body size and gender affect your BMR, making it slower than you wished, and as you age, your BMR decreases, due to decreases in muscle mass. However, slow metabolism, according to, is rarely the sole cause of obesity, although some medical conditions, such as thyroid problems and Cushing’s syndrome, will significantly slow down your metabolism enough to cause weight gain. (Andrews, 2011)


Agarwood tea are enriched with flavonoids (genkwanin glycosides), which help the body to release excess fat. They aid in fat burning procedure and preclude energy to be transformed into body fat. They also help improve metabolism inside our bodies. Improvement of metabolism results in decreased fat absorption.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that fat cells exposed to certain flavonoids led to lower levels of an enzyme that forms triglycerides – fat in the blood. Researchers believe that flavonoids can improve the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. (Blankstein, 2010)

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