Agarwood and Aging

Everyone wants to look sleek and smart no matter what their age is. People often look up to celebrities as role models considering that the most inspiring thing about celebrities is their looks and the fact that most celebrities age very smoothly. It is a known fact that people want to know the secret behind the process of aging so that they could somehow control it just like the star they admire on screen.

What people have to understand is that aging is a natural phenomenon which cannot be stopped over time. However, certain health and diet measures can reduce the rate at which we age and eventually improve our outlook/physical appearance. AGARWOOD tea is one of the most advantageous natural marvels which can aid in the suppression of aging upon regular consumption.


Aging is a natural process which occurs in all living things through passage of time. It is a process which causes living things to wear and tear through time. The process includes deterioration in health, performance and physical appearance. The rate of aging varies depending on the type of living organism. For instance, an elephant has a life expectancy of around 65 years while a turkey bird and a tortoise can live more than a 100 years.

Human beings are subjected to aging in a considerable manner. Signs of aging include wrinkles to form over skin, the complexion becoming darker and people becoming prone to diseases etc. According to researchers, the life expectancy of an average American is 75 years. The chart below shows both male and female life expectancy in different parts throughout the world.

The risk of getting infected with a disease increases as people age because the immune system gets weaker. Some people stay healthy even in their old age while some suffer from several diseases. It totally depends on a person’s metabolism and immune system at that given point which can make them healthy or weary.


Several theories have been proposed related to the causes of aging over the years. Age is one of the major factors that contribute to aging however, there are other factors that can amplify these signs in human beings.

Some of these factors include:


Free radicals are chemical molecules which are highly unstable and can cause significant damage to our cellular structure and DNA. Free radical damage is one of the major reasons that contribute to aging. There are many reasons that contribute to the formation of free radicals in our bodies which include the presence of toxic metals (mercury, chlorine etc.), environmental pollution, unhealthy foods (artificially processed foods) etc.


We cannot avoid something that is a part of our genetic structure. At times, aging becomes a product of the genes we inherit which makes the process of aging unavoidable.


Smoking also contributes to aging as thousands of toxins enter our system when we smoke. Smoking suppresses the production of collagen, an important structural protein, which leads to formation of wrinkles and reduced elasticity of the skin. Smoking also tampers the blood flow inside the human body causing the skin to darken and loose radiance.


AGARWOOD tea is a major source of antioxidants and flavonoids which control and remove the spread of free radicals inside the body. As we age, the human body tends to accumulate toxic heavy metals inside the body (especially mercury) which is one of the major reasons behind the formation of free radicals. Such toxic metals can reduce oxygenation of the human cell hence, causing premature aging. Agarwood tea is enriched with flavonoids (genkwanin glycosides) that release Acetylcholine (ACh), an organic polyatomic cation, which aids in the removal of mercury deposits throughout the body after ingestion.

Anti-oxidants help the body to neutralize free radicals. AGARWOOD tea is also an abundant source of VITAMIN C & E and these VITAMINS play a major role in the removal of free radicals that are formed externally by environmental pollution, smoking etc.

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